Communication is essential for providing quality care

We want to help restore it.

Check Up was designed with three goals in mind.

There is a consensus among physicians that current electronic health records interfere with face-to-face interaction with patients. There is also a consensus that they slow them down.

We want to restore that face-to-face interaction. And we want to save you time.

Enhance the Patient Experience.

Our interface prioritizes communication with patients – allowing an interview to be natural again.

Effortlessly Capture Notes

Check Up simplifies data capture and note generation. Forget bedside interviews with lengthy note writing sessions after – have all aspects of your notes formulated at the time of the interview.


Collect structured data and implement into EHR’s seamlessly, making future chart review and research both organized and efficient.

How it works

Dedicated Screen Areas

The bottom half of the screen space is dedicated to answering questions, allowing your hand to rest in one place throughout the interview. No more searching for check boxes or clicking on text fields – your hand stays in one location, using gestures whenever possible.

Easily Glance-able

Knowing what question is being asked is easy – it’s always at the top of the screen. This allows for less eye-contact with your monitor and more with your patient.

Gesture Based Input

In the dedicated screen area (bottom), swipe right for yes and left for no. For more complex questions, choose from the options presented or add notes at any time.


Use advanced Voice-to-text or free text input with the native iOS keyboard, with the notes saving within the active section of the interview.

Clinical Decision Scores

Your records need high information clinical findings, especially when making high-risk diagnoses. But physicians often overlook the finicky click-boxes that have become the standard today.  Have you ever tried to click a check box while looking at your patient?

Use a navigable, gesture-based clinical prediction score calculator or focused review of systems while capturing your patient’s HPI.

Prospective Features

FHIR and Blue Button Integration

Making use of universal EHR interoperability.

Predictive Screening

Screening tools integrated throughout the interview, Based on USPSTF recommendations.

Note View

View your note continuously as it’s being built.

Visit Templates

Including Medicare IPPE/AWV and customized.

Pre-interview History Input

Use iBeacons to prompt patients to enter their health information while waiting, using their own devices.

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